Track aims to make it extremely easy to set up a changelog for your tech product or SaaS, using Ghost's powerful publishing tools and newsletter features, with a smart and customisable design.

Track also works really well as a minimal blogging theme. You can build an audience and newsletter too.


  • A smart and useful changelog theme (also perfect for blogging)
  • Supports Ghost's latest content cards
  • Supports multiple authors
  • Show a tags dropdown or regular navigation in the header
  • Fully translatable into any language
  • Customisable post list: two different layouts; show full posts or excerpts; show or hide authors
  • Add a banner linking back to your main site
  • An optional newsletter subscription form on every page
  • Auto dark mode, or force light mode
  • Supports member- and paid-only content
  • Built-in optional commenting
  • Easy-to-edit HTML-based theme files
  • Works on any Ghost host

The homepage features a customisable list of posts. You can choose to show post previews or full posts here. There is also an option to toggle author names and avatars on or off.

Track comes with a customisable message bar, which you can use to show a message and link.

There is also a handy dropdown showing your public tags.

Post pages are simple, allowing your content to shine.

Visitors can sign up to your newsletter, allowing you to send out future posts to their inboxes. Alternatively there is an option to hide the subscription box.

There are helpful settings for easy configuration.

Track also supports member-only posts, allowing you to hide posts from non-members and prompting them to sign up. Ghost's Portal is utilised for signing up, payments and managing member profiles.