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Update your existing theme, customise a new theme or commission a bespoke design.


Build new integrations with other platforms. Add new features to your current site.

  Technical support

Get help with self-hosting, technical issues, or any other queries you have for publishing on Ghost.


Improve the messaging and micro-copy on your site. Aim to increase signups and subscribers.

  Migration to Ghost

Get help to quickly move your content from another platform to Ghost.

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“Coming from WordPress, Ghost was a little intimidating. I wasn’t sure how to host my Ghost website or even customize my theme — but Dan made that all easy.

I can’t recommend working with him enough.

Jay Clouse

“Dan is super talented and delivered my customisation much quicker than I expected and executed my description to a high degree.

I will keep him in mind when I need more custom work for my Ghost blog!”

Aaron Adusei

“Dan was very responsive, and he has been a huge help.

The whole process was seamless and I'd recommend Dan without hesitation.”

Jas Hothi

“Dan manages to understand and execute my customization requests on top of being fast and responsive.”

François Douville

I’m Dan Rowden, a designer, developer and copywriter.

I have four years experience with Ghost and have worked on over 100 sites, across design, development, copywriting and technical support.

I was one of the first Certified Ghost Experts and also run a Ghost theme company Super Themes Co. and commenting platform Cove.

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Buy Ghost support and development hourly or with a monthly subscription.

Ghost support

Ongoing, on-demand support for your blog or newsletter, including design, copywriting, custom development and technical support.

Example tasks: change colours and fonts, change hard-coded text in your theme, improve sign up flows and conversion, set up custom integrations with other apps, create custom landing pages, consultation calls, keep your site up-to-date with new Ghost features.

By the hour

Buy hours in bulk and make unlimited requests.
Simply buy more whenever you need more work.
Zero commitment, no contracts. Hours never expire.

3 hours


Great for: a set of theme tweaks

Buy 3 hours

✦ 17% discount ✦

5 hours


Great for: ongoing periodic support

Buy 5 hours

✦ 20% discount ✦

10 hours


Great for: ongoing frequent support

Buy 10 hours

✦ 30% discount ✦

Monthly subscription

Hire a part-time Ghost developer for your team (no contract needed).
Pro-active help keeping up with new Ghost features.
Guaranteed hours every week. Priority support.
Pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

40 hours a month


Sign up

✦ More than a 50% discount ✦

Unlimited hours


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✦ Unbeatable value ✦

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“Working with Dan is a pleasure. He carried out all of my requests with an attention to detail that quickly won me over. I’m really happy to have found him.”

Trevor Spaulding

“It's wonderful to have a service like this, which has enabled me to focus on the content I want to put out rather than the logistics necessary to get it done. Thanks Dan!”

Noam Segal

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription work?

A subscription guarantees you hours of work every week, making the subscription a great option if you have ongoing maintenance, support or development, or if you want to hire a part-time Ghost team member.

Tasks you want completed can be added to a Trello board by you or your team and they will be worked on one-by-one in the order you specify.

On the Standard subscription, once your 40 hours of work are completed in a month, you will need to wait for the next month.

Do hours expire once I've purchased them?

No, hours never expire. For example, you can buy 10 hours of work now and use them up over the next week or 6 months, or however long you would like on-demand support for.

Can you make me a custom Ghost theme?

Yes, of course! Custom themes start at $3,000 and can be organised over email. Please email to get the ball rolling (we can also have a call to discuss your site).

Things you can add in a custom Ghost theme:

  • Layouts for posts, pages, tags and authors
  • Newsletter archive
  • Memberships powered by Ghost’s Portal
  • Customisable theme settings
  • Comments using Cove
  • UX writing for your site’s micro copy.
  • A custom home page
  • Author list page
  • Tag list page
  • Custom content collections
  • Custom membership and plan pages
  • Full site search
  • Extra flair, like reading indicators and page animations.
Can you work on mutiple sites for me?

Yes! The hourly packages and subscription can be used on any number of sites. As they are based upon hours worked, they are not restricted to specific sites.

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