Range is a modern blogging theme for Ghost, with a simple design and support for all of Ghost's latest features.

The theme is easily customisable (both with theme settings and CSS) and supports all types of Ghost content.

Range works with memberships and paid content via Ghost's Portal.

It also offers optional tag and author pages, plus comes with a built-in commenting tool.


  • a beautiful blogging theme
  • large featured posts
  • supports free and paid memberships via Ghost's Portal
  • lock and unlock icons reflect current user's access to posts
  • related posts are shown beneath each post
  • optional Tags list and Author list pages
  • customisable post list: easily show or hide authors and reading time
  • a newsletter subscription form on every page
  • three dark mode settings: device-based, or forced “light” and “dark” options
  • built-in optional commenting with Cove
  • easy-to-edit HTML-based theme files