Ghost Theme Boilerplate is a starter theme you can use as a basis for building and selling your own Ghost themes.

It includes everything you need to build Ghost themes, and allow you to get started quickly.

There is no demo for this theme because its default state has no styling.


  • all major pages you will need for your site (post lists, author pages, tag pages, membership pages etc)
  • helpful code snippets for showing different data (related posts, post lists, home page layouts etc)
  • code for extras like reading progress indicators, table of contents, large image previews etc
  • build scripts for easier development and publishing updates
  • Tailwind CSS (only limited styling applied so you can create your own designs)
  • detailed documentation covering everything you need to build Ghost themes with the boilerplate.

The license for this theme means you can use it as a basis for personal or commercial themes. You are allowed to sell themes you make using this boilerplate.