The Ghost Portal is a really useful "drop-in" feature, which lets you accept member sign ups.

But currently there it has to be present on all pages on your site, or turned off completely.

What if you wanted to hide it on a single post or page? (Maybe you created a landing page with a different main purpose than member sign ups)

How to hide the Ghost Portal button on a page

It's actually very simple.

Go to edit the post or page you want to hide the button from, then open the editing sidebar.

Scroll down to Code Injection, then enter the following into the "Page header" section"

.ghost-portal-root { display: none; }

All you're doing is adding a CSS rule to hide all the Portal button's code. It's that easy.

Now the Portal button won't show on your page or post.

Thanks for reading!

Dan Rowden   Dan Rowden

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